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1. No bicycles or gasoline operated equipment is to be kept in apartment or building.

2. Tenant(s) will not: put signs on doors or windows, drive nails into doors, display bottles or other articles of any kind that may degrade the appearance of  the building.

3.Trash will be disposed of in outside containers and shall be tied in a plastic bag. No trash is to be placed in hallways. All trash must be emptied over vacations & breaks.

4.Tenant(s) shall not overload washer and dryer or use the same after 11:00 p.m. or before 8:00 a.m.  Tenant(s) shall clean all lint collectors and wipe down machines after every use and promptly remove clean clothing from machines.

5. NOTHING other that picture hanger nails or thumbtacks may be used on any wall.

6. Tenant(s) will not clutter hallways, grass or parking areas with cans, bottles, debris, etc. nor will tenant allow guests to do so.

7. There will be no more than 4 guests at any gathering.

8. Tenant(s) shall not make or permit any disturbing noises in the parking lot, apartments or buildings that will interfere with the rights, comfort or convenience of other Tenant(s). Tenant(s) shall not play upon or allow to be played upon, any musical instruments, phonograph, television, radio, or loudspeaker on the premises in such a manner that may disturb other occupants of the building or project.

9. Overnight guests must be registered with and approved by the management office with a specific length of stay stated.

10. Waterbeds and fish tanks will only be allowed with proof of liability insurance.

11. Mattresses must be placed on bed frame, not directly on floor.

12. Electrical appliances, clocks, radios, televisions, table lamps, etc. should be unplugged during vacations in which the apartment is totally vacant.  DO NOT unplug refrigerator and stove.

13. No item of any kind shall be stored in hallways.  In addition, each tenant is responsible  for the cleanliness of the hallways.

14. Between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. Tenant(s) must reduce the noise and keep it from disturbing others.

15. Kegs and Beer Pong tables are not permitted on the premises. If found, they will immediately be removed by management at the owner expense.


The following acts are specifically prohibited in the Ambassador Apartment Housing Complex:

                1. Violation of New York State Drug Law is prohibited. This includes the use, sale, or possession of any illegal drugs,                             plants, narcotics,

                or controlled substances other than the personal use of prescribed drugs.

                2. Violation of the New York State Drinking Law is prohibited.  Additionally, students under 21 years of age cannot                                     consume alcohol on the premises of Ambassador Apartments.

                3. Any unauthorized duplications or distribution of apartment keys or master keys is prohibited.

                4. Harassment or verbal abuse of any kind, as well as physical abuse to others, is prohibited.

                5. Violation of Chapter 87 “Nuisance Abatement Law” of the Code of the Village of Geneseo in Geneseo, New York is                             prohibited.


Ambassador Apartments encourages each Tenant to assume the responsibility to protect his or her own individual rights as well as the rights of others. Any person violating any apartment resident’s rights will face appropriate disciplinary action, including the possibility of police arrest.

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